Bonakele Majuba’s stern warning to ANC eHlanzeni

The regional ANC is accused of not honouring Alliance unity.

Firebrand Mpumalanga SACP leader Bonakele Majuba has a strong message for the eHlanzeni ANC leadership.

“We are watching you,” Majuba warned.

“Currently in the province we are having a smooth Alliance and it didn’t come easy, we had to fight for it. But there is a problem in that district (eHlanzeni),” Majuba said while on stage.

He was welcoming the scores who had come to celebrate the SACP’s 97th birthday at the Siyathuthuka hall in eMakhazeni on Sunday.

Majuba's stern warning to ANC eHlanzeni

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Majuba said the leadership of former provincial leader DD Mabuza, who became the ANC’s deputy president on 18 December 2017, tried to sideline the Alliance but they had to fight and “now the Alliance in the province is smooth”.

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“The one who is going to take over [from Mabuza] after the PGC if he forgets that in the province there are communists that person will have a difficult time for the rest of his term in office,” Majuba said to thunderous applause.

“Just ask the previous group they will tell you,” he said.

The communist party celebrated 97 years of birth over the weekend in Mpumalanga, inviting Central Committee member Buti Manamela to come deliver the keynote address.

“There is that disrespect in that district (eHlanzeni). We are watching that district especially the leadership of the ANC there. We are watching you. They think they can operate without the Alliance. Very soon we are coming to them or those who taught them to disrespect the communist party we will first go to them and tell them ‘look, you left a mess behind. Come clean it’,” he said, “otherwise we will remove you in your national positions because of the mess you left,” he said.

Majuba said the SACP is a powerful force in the ANC-led Alliance and had in the past been able to influence major decisions.

Addressing the scores who had come to the hall to celebrate, Majuba said that they are the ones who raised the alarm about the Gupta family’s capture of the state.

He said that’s because as communists they use the scientific tools of analysis and never get it wrong.

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Majuba’s return to MP legislature “signs of maturing alliance unity,” SACP


He was sworn in on Friday morning as a member of the Mpumalanga legislature following the resignation of Thulare Madileng.

SACP Mpumalanga leader Bonakele Majuba’s return to the provincial house of law-makers is a sign that the Alliance Summit resolutions for a united alliance are maturing, a spokesman said on Friday.

Leseja Dikgale said what they have always wanted to see was “a united front” and the “realisation that when we govern collectively we can have a prosperous province”.

“We welcome the deployment of comrade Majuba,” Dikgale said on Friday morning.

“For us is a sign that the unity we started last year is now maturing,” he said.

“There’s nothing more and we believe that this will create investor’s confidence in our province as you will remember that we have always been known as a fighting province,” he said.

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Majuba has been a member of the Mpumalanga legislature since the 2009 general elections.

But when relations soured between himself and provincial ANC leader David Mabuza, Majuba was not retained in the Mpumalanga legislature following the 2014 general elections.

The ANC has 24 seats in the 30-seats of the Mpumalanga legislature and Majuba was the 24th candidate on the submitted province to province list but didn’t become an MPL.

Legislature spokeswoman Zama Memela-Gamede said the swearing in of Majuba came after Thulare Madileng, ANC provincial executive committee member, tendered his resignation this week.

“We then went to the IEC list to check who was next in the list and that’s how he (Majuba) was sworn in,” she said.

The ANC said they wished Majuba well in his deployment and have confidence that, being a working class activist, he will represent the poor “exceptionally well” in the Mpumalanga provincial legislature.

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In April 2016, a provincial alliance summit was convened in Mbombela and in it the Mpumalanga ANC, SACP, Cosatu and SANCO agreed that unity and cohesion was the only way out of their problems.

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Mabuza admits alliance at its weakest, repeats call for unity

He says it occurs for the first time in history that alliance partners call for an ANC president to step down.

Mpumalanga ANC leader David Mabuza has taken his campaign for unity to a greater height using the policy conference to admit the house is falling apart.

Mabuza addressed the ANC provincial policy conference held at the Mbombela stadium on Saturday and said if the ANC-led mass democratic movement failed to unite it will not see the light of day.

The provincial policy conference was attended by all branch executive committee members, regional and alliance leaders as well as municipal deployees.

He said the alliance partners were calling for President Jacob Zuma to step down but they didn’t do this through thorough engagement with the structures, “this is done in the media”.

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“If you say to the ANC, as an alliance partner, that Jacob Zuma must step down, what do you want the ANC to do? Knowing very well that Jacob Zuma was elected by branches of the ANC,” Mabuza said.

“No one anywhere can call for the head of the ANC president except for the branches of the ANC,” Mabuza said to thunderous applause.

“We are at our weakest. We are at our weakest,” he said while on stage.

In April 2017, Cosatu called for Zuma to resign as both ANC and government leader, saying it has lost confidence in him as a person capable of uniting the movement.

This followed a cabinet reshuffle that saw finance minister Pravin Gordhan and his deputy Mcebisi Jonas sacked and replaced by Melusi Gigaba and Sfiso Buthelezi.

The SACP also wants Zuma to resign, with SANCO endorsing his deputy Cyril Ramaphosa to succeed him.

“The unity and cohesion of the alliance is at its weakest. It’s at its weakest,” Mabuza said.

Mabuza admits alliance at its weakest, repeats call for unity

He said the national congress in December 2017 is the right platform to tell the President to step down.

He said in December 2017 Zuma will step down as ANC president and will do so in 2019 as South Africa’s president.

But he warned the 6000 plus delegates that when Zuma leaves “our problems will remain,” adding Zuma only contributes 1% of the problems “and the rest of the problems we’re all participants”.

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“We have forgotten our duties as the ANC together with the alliance to mobilise society into our programs of transforming society, busy fighting one another.

“And this has affected the movement. If still we want to lead this country and transform society for the better we must understand that that requires a united revolutionary movement. That is the only instrument you can have to transform society, if you don’t have that instrument you must just forget,  you can sing nice slogans but it will be the end of you,” he said.

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Fighting Mpumalanga alliance partners to hold economic summit

Quarrelling Mpumalanga alliance partners are coming to share the same room once more.

This time they will be discussing the problems of the poor together.

The office of the Mpumalanga provincial ANC secretary, Mandla Ndlovu, this week announced the coming weekend as the weekend of the provincial economic summit.

A resolution to convene an economic summit was taken by the provincial ANC congress that elected chairman David Mabuza for a third term late last year, in order to discuss these ‘intensely’.

Spokesman Sibusiso Themba said: “The conference had noted that certain sectors, especially mining and manufacturing were shedding jobs at  alarming and concerning manner and that attention had to be given to this sorry economic reality”.

Themba said the economic summit is scheduled for 23 to 25 September 2016 at the district head offices of the eHlanzeni municipality in Mbombela and was being convened by the provincial alliance partners of the ANC – Cosatu, SACP and Sanco.

This comes after an Alliance Summit on 2 and 3 April 2016 that also resolved that such summit be convened to address the economic problems of poor people.

The Alliance Summit was convened by the national leadership of the ANC to mend sour relations between the personable leader of the ANC, David Mabuza, and the quite influential leader of the SACP, Bonakele Majuba, in the province.

But Majuba had since described relations mended by the summit as ‘suspicious’, saying it was only meant for the public image of the ANC towards the 3 August 2016 local government elections.

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“I want to join my counter-part and the leader of the ANC in the province, comrade DD Mabuza, that together with comrades from Cosatu and comrades from Sanco we must sustain what we started at the Alliance Summit,” Majuba told delegates during an SACP provincial congress that elected him for a fourth term two weeks ago.

Sources inside the ANC on Tuesday told 013NEWS that regional alliance summits would follow by November this year across the province to “strengthen the alliance further, engage and implement regionally the resolutions taken by the provincial Alliance Summit”.

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Themba said during the Alliance Summit they also resolved as alliance leaders a need to convene an economic summit “to intensely look into the economic reality and discuss many options that could assist to address the situation”.

Themba said the matter that gives alliance leaders stress was the issue of the “unhealthy rising unemployment”, Themba added: “The Alliance Summit felt that there wasn’t sufficient time at the summit to intensely interrogate the issue and appropriate resolutions and that an economic summit be convened so that all alliance partners can agree on a collective and singular provincial economic blue-print”.

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Ndlovu tells SACP congress: ‘We must implement alliance summit resolutions now’

The provincial secretary of the ANC in Mpumalanga, Mandla Ndlovu, has told a provincial congress of the SACP that resolutions taken during alliance summit will have to implemented.

Ndlovu was delivering the ANC’s message of support at the start of the SACP’s provincial congress in Mbombela on Friday evening.

He said during the alliance summit in April this year they all agreed the alliance should stay “intact” and should not be allowed to die in front of their eyes.

“We all accepted that it will remain intact,” Ndlovu told delegates at the eHlanzeni TVET College.

The alliance summit in April this year attempted to unite SACP Mpumalanga leader Bonakele Majuba and his rival ANC chairman David Mabuza but other communists in the province said the summit was just for the local government elections.

“We are committed to the well-being of the alliance and we are willing to make sacrifices, so that it continues to live long after we are gone,” he said.

“We must continue to build on the resolutions of the alliance and make sure that we implement those resolutions,” he said.

Ndlovu spoke of the late Chris Hani and Joe Slovo as “gallant fighters” and said the SACP bred intellectuals.

“I’m not talking about organic intellectuals. I’m talking about real intellectuals,” he said.

“So we request the SACP to occupy its rightful position and assist the ANC,” Ndlovu said.

The SACP in the province held its 9th elective congress over the weekend where provincial secretary Bonakele Majuba was re-elected for a fourth term.

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