Mpumalanga varsity up in flames again

The students want all off-campus accommodation to decrease prices.

When the University of Mpumalanga closed their semester last year it was rocked with violent protests…

But seemingly this year the troubles at the newly built university are set continue.

The whole of 2018 the University of Mpumalanga had classes disrupted because of protest over alleged managerial corruption and nepotism.

This week Monday (4 Mar) saw angry students closing gates at the Mbombela campus, demanding management attend to the high accommodation prices.

They say they live outside campus and are expected to pay both transport and accommodation costs.

“Only those living at their homes are provided with a transport allowance. We need NSFAS to allocate an allowance for those residing in private accommodation,” the students told local media.

Management said they did meet with transport providers as well as student leaders over the issue.

“The service providers said they needed to be addressed by someone from NSFAS and we had agreed to make arrangements for that meeting,” dean for student affairs Dr Paul Maminza told Mpumalanga News.

“Our finance jurisdiction is contacting NSFAS. For now they said they will not be able to bring students to the campus without being paid,” Maminza said.

“We don’t understand why the students decided to lock the gates because this matter is above our strength as an institution,” he said.

“This delays the process of the building of another accommodation block which upon its completion would be able to house 219 students. The block was supposed to be completed by January but due to the last year’s protest it was delayed,” he added.

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SASCO blames Thoko Mayekiso for violent Univ.MP protest

The student body says the campus is “so militarised” and they are now “confused”.

The South African Student Congress says Mpumalanga University vice-chancellor Thoko Mayekiso is responsible for on-campus violent protests.

Provincial secretary Jacob Tau says there have been no academic progress in the institution and “all that students are faced with are heavily armed security all over the campus”.

“There has been confusion generally. There’s nobody attending to anybody,” Tau said.

He said Tuesday this week when they arrived on campus to begin with their exams they found no lecturers, “nobody”.

“Only heavily armed guards. It’s a militarised campus. Then the next thing the guards told the students, ‘we will shoot you. That’s all we will do’. The students were provoked and of course the security guards began shooting them and the police also came,” Tau told 013NEWS Wednesday mid-day.

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He said the “main issue” at the centre of the squabble between students and the varsity management is “corruption” and “irregularities”.

A week ago, staff members belonging to Nehawu marched to both the University and the department of higher education for Mayekiso to be removed from her position over allegations of corruption.

The management and cops have condemned the violence and said the attacking and injuring of a police officer with stones by the students was “uncalled for”.

Several students were arrested and charged with public violence.

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The management said they do not know “what is going to happen” in a situation like this.

The University’s Dr Paul Maminza said there are “protesters” who are disturbing the students who should write exams.

“We have not sent the students home,” he told News24.

“They are still on campus and we are hopeful that these protesters will allow students to write their examinations,” Maminza said.

The police said they will engage “with the relevant parties to ensure that learners write their exams”.

“We will continue with maximum police presence at the University,” police spokesman Brigadier Leonard Hlathi said.

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Mpumalanga University students slam timing of Nehawu strike

Politics is reportedly blamed for the alleged chaos that occurred a week ago when Nehawu workers marched.

A march by the National Education, Health And Allied Workers Union to the Mpumalanga University is now blamed by the students after an alleged incident of exam disruptions at the University of Mpumalanga.

Thursday last week, Nehawu marched to the department of higher education demanding that vice chancellor Thoko Mayekiso is removed from her position “with immediate effect” over allegation of corruption.

“We have been veraciously complaining about issues related to irregular appointments, mismanagement of funds, alleged corruption, unilateral changes of policies and ineffective university council,” Nehawu said a day before their march, adding that all their attempts to have the ear of management were ignored.

On the week of Nehawu’s march the students were scheduled to begin exams and were shocked when they were chased out of exam halls by people serving “politics”.

According to one student who spoke to online newspaper Daily Vox, the protest came as a surprise after they thought they would now concentrate on their books having been rocked by a number of protests between March and September 2018.

“The strike affected us as students as we have worked hard preparing for our exams with limited time,” the student said.

“We as students were striking not so long ago against the corruption of the management, so this semester we didn’t attend a lot of classes. It came as a surprise to us as students when NEHAWU was chasing students out of the examination hall,” he told Daily Vox.

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But in a statement, Nehawu has rubbished the claims they disrupted exams.

“The national union rejects misleading rumours that it is responsible for disrupting exams in the university,” the union said.

Another student, Vuyelwa Mnisi, said she is not against the protest but its timing.

“This whole situation is bad because we have to put our future on hold because of workers, and it’s sad because they are our parents. I’m not against them striking but I’m against them choosing this particular time, they could have chosen another time because I feel as though currently they are using us.

“A large population is being affected and another thing happening in that university is politically driven. SRC is Sasco, a student organisation of the ANC. Nehawu is the workers organisation of the ANC, the Chancellor Cyril Ramaphosa is the President of the ANC, that is why the student organisation is supporting a union of workers of the ANC,” she said.

SRC leader Mcolisi Ngcapalala said it was management that was disrupting students’ future.

“Those destructing our future is not NEHAWU or the workers,” Ngcapalala said.

“But it’s the management. What we are saying in terms of disruption of the exam is that it’s a symptom of a sickness that has been given to us by the management of the university,” he said.

Ngcapalala added that there has been no academic progress in the institution since 8 October 2018.

The march putting pressure on government to fire Mayekiso was joined by COSATU, SACP, YCL, COSAS and SANCO.

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SASCO concerned about “unwillingness” to investigate Univ.MP boss Thokozile Mayekiso

The South African Student Congress in the Mpumalanga province say they are concerned about government’s unwillingness to probe varsity principal Thoko Mayekiso.

They say the allegations levelled against her tarnish the image of a university that is new and which has the task of building for itself a good image.

Provincial secretary Jacob Tau said the situation at the university “is filled with serious set-backs”.

“Firstly the university students have raised serious allegations of maladministration and corruption,” Tau said in a statement.

“And these are serious concerns that must not be taken for granted by anyone given the fact that the university is new and must work on building a good image and reputation for its self,” he said.

He said the students have demanded that Mayekiso be investigated “but the management and council led by Dr David Mabunda have dismally failed to address this crisis [and] constantly protected [her]”.

Mayekiso is accused of having two questionable payments made to two companies under her watch and directives.

First was a R4.2 million payment made by the university to a catering company called Mathata General Trading in April last year and another, a R1.7 million, made to Magma Inc Attorneys.

Magma Inc Attorneys was the law firm she had appointed to investigate the questionable payment made to Mathatha General Trading…

“Failure of the council to decisively deal with the concerns proves that the council is conflicted and incompetent and therefore the council can no longer be trusted with their responsibilities,” Tau said.

Having been rocked by a number of protests since March 2018, this week student leaders and management sat and talked, agreeing that classes should resume at the university.

Students had been accusing management of corruption and also protesting over the issue of accomodation.

Tau said they noted a letter sent to higher education minister Naledi Pandor about the issues at the Mpumalanga institution but she “has not acted in that regard”.

“We are aware that the office of the minister is fully aware of all these grievances but we see unwillingness to resolve the issues,” he said.

SASCO concerned about "unwillingness" to investigate Univ.MP boss Thokozile Mayekiso

Students at the university have been accused by officials of bringing tutoring to a halt because they were being used by tenderpreneurs who didn’t get work from the institution.

But Tau rejected this and said if the department really believed this they will have to take all awarding of tenders to the national office and see whether the protests over the issues they are raising will stop.

“For transparency and accountability we are struggling to understand the difficulty in assigning an investigation on the matters raised,” Tau said.

013NEWS could not be able to draw comments from management on Wednesday afternoon.

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Univ.MP SASCO branch washes dirty linen in public

As they celebrate their SRC victory at the Mpumalanga University campus they are also not happy that the provincial leadership didn’t assist them during campaigns.

Now the SASCO branch in the Mpumalanga University campus of Siyabuswa, KwaNdebele, wants provincial chairman Joseph Mhlolo to report to the national leadership that he failed to assist the campus.

In a statement this week, Siyabuswa SASCO campus chairman Peace Magagula said they received no support from the provincial leadership and that provincial chairman Joseph Mhlolo once came to campus and promised them T-shirts and did not deliver.

“As SASCO we are disappointed by the behaviour of our SASCO PEC,” Magagula said in the statement.

“They did nothing to assist us. Their focus was in Mbombela. We will like him to highlight as part of your report to the NEC that you failed us at Siyabuswa,” the statement read.

SASCO in Siyabuswa won all seats in last week’s SRC elections, beating the popular EFF Student Command.

“If it was not for the ANCYL we would be doomed in this campus.

“The contribution by the YCL and SACP is [appreciated],” he said.

Mhlolo was not immediately found for comment.

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Magagula said they are planning a big event to celebrate their victory at the campus.

“We wish to [state] that SASCO deployees to SRC/CRC will serve all students equally regardless of their affiliations,” he said.

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