Coffin assault racists get heavy sentence in Middelburg 

The two coffin assault racists were found guilty of the kidnapping, intimidation, attempted murder and the assault of Victor Mlotshwa.

Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson have been slapped with heavy sentences, one of them getting 11 years and the other 14 years imprisonment, by the high court sitting in Middelburg.

Oosthuizen got 11 years while Jackson, the man who brought the coffin, was slapped with 14 years.

Political parties welcomed the sentencing of the men.

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They were arrested last year November after a video clip in which they forced Victor Mlotshwa into a coffin case went viral on social networks.

Mlotshwa had been found passing through a farm outside Middelburg where the two white men worked and chased him with their bakkies.

When they found him, they accused him of being one of the people who steal from the farm, beatingnhim up and threatening to bury him alive.

Groups organised by the ANCYL and DA demonstrated outside the Middelburg magistrates court in support of Mlotshwa on Friday morning.

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Coffin racists told Victor ‘if you run we’ll shoot you’

Victor Mlotshwa took the stand at the high court sitting in the Middelburg Magistrates Court.

The two white men who are up for the kidnapping, intimidation, assault and attempted murder of Victor Mlotshwa threatened that if he ran they would take out guns and shoot him.

“The situation was painful. I was scared, shivering and crying,” Mlotshwa told the court.

“I was in a difficult situation and I pleaded with them not to do what they wanted to do.

“I was under the impression that they wanted to kill me. I just want to say the situation was painful,” he said sitting in the witness box.

Mlotshwa was testifying for the first time in the third day of trial.

He told the court that his mother had sent him to Middelburg to buy groceries when he came across a bakkie on 17 August 2017.

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He said he used a foot-path as a way to reach to Middelburg faster and one of the men approached him while driving a bakkie.

When he tried to run away, another bakkie came.

He said both Theo Jackson and Willem Oosthuizen chased, caught him and tied him up to one of the bakkies before being kicked up.

He said they told him if he ran they would shoot him down.

Jackson and Oosthuizen were arrested in November 2016 after the incident in which they forced Mlotshwa into a coffin went viral on social networks.

The incident happened on a farm near the Komati power station outside Middelburg.

The court has heard that the incident took place in August 2016 and not in September 2016.

Both Oosthuizen and Jackson are out on a R1,000 bail each.

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