Kate Chiloane dumped Vusi after he lost job

The owner of the gun used in the killing made a brief appearance at the Bushbuckridge Magistrates Court.

The mother of the 40-year-old man who shot dead his 30-year-old wife before ending his own life says she believes her son was pushed to the edge by unemployment and feeling of being rejected by his wife.

The 70-year-old Freda Mdluli said Vusi Mdluli and Kate Chiloane’s marital life had always been fine until Vusi lost his job and Kate left him.

Kate taught Grade 2 kids at the Sediba sa Thuto primary school in Bushbuckridge.

She was killed by Vusi in the full view of her pupils on the school premises last Monday at around 8am.

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Vusi had asked permission from the principal to enter and speak to her.

After shooting her, Vusi fled the scene to their house where he killed himself.

Gogo Freda said Kate left his son in April after he lost employment.

“Everything was ruined. I also tried to convince her to go back to their home but she refused. This hurt him very much,” she said.

But Kate’s family describes Vusi as someone who was abusive and short-tempered.

Kate’s elder sister Bridgeet Chiloane said Kate received death threats from him after she left him in April.

“He would send lots of messages saying that he was going to die, but he would not let her live; that he would die with her,” Bridget said


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‘Bofebe ba hao botlo fella moo,’ man writes on Facebook before killing wife

It seems what the man posted was something he was really going to do.

The husband of a Bushbuckridge primary school teacher took to Facebook to make threats, apparently towards her.

The man said her alleged “promiscuity and cleverness would end in a grave”.

At around 8 o’clock on Monday morning Vusi Mdluli went to the Sediba-Sa-Thuto primary school where he requested permission from the principal to speak to his wife. He encountered her on her way to class and shot her dead in the full view of her Grade 2 pupils, using a gun allegedly belonging to a friend who has now been arrested.

Mdluli then went back home where he ended his own life.

The incident has shocked the whole country.

Mdluli is described as someone who was quite an abusive man by Kate’s elder sister.

Bofebe ba hao

Kate’s sister says Kate had left Mdluli.

“She had moved back home with us when she met her untimely death due to separation within their marriage,” the sister told News24.

“He would send lots of messages saying that he was going to die, but he would not let her live; that he would die with her.

“She left too soon but it is all the same because there is nothing that can bring my sister back. Right now, I am emotionless to even hate my brother-in-law for this,’’ she said

Mdluli’s timeline is littered with eerie posts that suggest he had been planning his actions for a while. A little over two weeks ago he posted the picture below.

Bofebe ba hao

He further commented on the post saying “Charles you know me, I don’t take shit if smone he think is clave (sic) I deal with him or her after a long tim Boi. I don’t give up like dat. you can run but you cant HD.. (sic)” he said.

Bofebe ba hao

In another chilling post on Sunday afternoon Mdluli posted that said “even a sangoma can’t protect you”.

Bofebe ba hao

Officials at the Mpumalanga department of education have since said that they would investigate the incidents that led to Chiloane’s murder.

Counselling has been arranged by the department for the pupils who saw the murder happen.

The DA’s James Masango said it was concerning that Chiloane lost her life during the time when the country is celebrating Women’s Month.

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“Worse still, school children were made to witness this senseless act of brutality,” he said.

“I wish to once again express our sincere condolences to Ms Chiloane’s family, the learners, and the community of Bushbuckridge. May her soul rest in eternal peace,” said Masango.

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