Vusi Shongwe says he was in ICU last month

He said he almost lost his life on 16 February 2019. 

Mpumalanga environment MEC Vusi Shongwe has revealed being involved in another car accident, this time ending up in ICU.

Last year Shongwe escaped unharmed when a grey Mercedes Benz he was driving and a white Toyota Quantum collided in Mbombela CBD.

Shongwe said this year’s accident occurred on 16 February 2019 on the highway near Machadodorp and he had to be rushed to hospital soon afterwards.

“I’m not feeling well,” he said while addressing scores who had come to his department’s launch of the ‘Zonda Insila Programme’ in Breyten near Ermelo.

“I was involved in a car accident. My life almost ended on the N4 on 16 February, I’m glad I’m still alive. So my speech won’t be long today because I’m not feeling well,” he said.

He didn’t say more about it but ended by saying that if he “had to die” he would have died on that day.

Shongwe was raised in the area of Breyten.

He told the residents that he was still going to come to the area and hold other events, including inviting the elders to eat with him, and was “scared of nobody”.

“My wife always tells me that you always tell her to remind me about that event I promised you. I promised we would celebrate together. Rest assured I haven’t forgotten. I was raised by you. Not that the reason I’m not having that event I promised you is because I’m scared of anybody. No. I will go anywhere in the province and hold events, I’m scared of nobody because if I had to die I was going to die on that weekend of 16 February 2019 where I ended up spending 3 days in ICU. So don’t tell me about fear,” he said.

Those who know about the accident said Shongwe was driving himself and it happened at around 8 in the morning. He was driving towards Mbombela when it occurred, they said.

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The ‘Zonda Insila Programme’ is basically an awareness programme, to get communities to keep the environment clean and safe and to use waste to generate money for themselves.

It was launched by Shongwe’s department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs.

“Through the campaign, the MEC will be mobilising citizens to take a firm position against littering and illegal dumping, as he increases awareness on possible socio-economic opportunities in waste management and recycling initiatives to address issues of unemployment. Local government will also be encouraged to implement by-laws to promote the right to a clean and safe environment,” the department said.

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Sgudla plans 18 October prayer session for Mpumalanga ANC

He said the meeting will be important moving forward as it will have the Holy spirit ‘revealing itself’ and ‘guiding’ everybody on how to solve current challenges.

PRET President Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla is consulting with spiritual leaders in order to hold a very big prayer session on the Thursday morning of 18 October 2018.

The event will take place at the eMalahleni Roman Catholic church in Ackerville and will be held to ask God to intervene and “guide the way” as the Mpumalanga ANC prepares for a provincial general council.

Sgudla said a similar meeting was held in late 2016, where they gathered at the same church praying for peace, unity and prosperity of the ANC and people of the province

He said the fact that the Mpumalanga ANC failed numerous times to have the much-talked about PGC was a sign that such “cannot be guided by the flesh and blood” but needed the Holy spirit.

“What is important is the Unity which is going to take us as a province somewhere,” he said when he spoke to the 013NEWS reporter over the phone.

“Without that Unity the ANC will be deprived of good planning and good planning which is important in bettering our lives as a people under its rule,” he said.

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“You need that Unity and also that Holy spirit to reveal in us who amongst all the contestants is suitable to take us to the promised land and once that has happened we will be humbled by the results,” Sgudla said on Sunday evening.

The ANC in the Mpumalanga province is battling to hold the special PGC to fill vacant seats left when then provincial leader DD Mabuza got elected deputy president on 18 December 2017.

Also Violet Siwela, a former provincial deputy chairwoman and Candith Mashego-Dlamini, a PEC member, also left with Mabuza to serve as NEC members on that day.

Mandla Ndlovu, Peter Nyoni, Fish Mahlalela, Mandla Msibi and David Dube are amongst those gunning for the Mpumalanga hot seat.

The province was supposed to hold a PGC on the weekend of 15 September 2018 but could not and sources said they were affected by the “re-aligning of branches” by national secretary Ace Magashule and would now have the meeting soon.

In a statement released Monday this week, Sgudla said he was inviting all the contestants to the prayer session, including Vusi Shongwe who is rumoured to be also having interests in becoming the Mpumalanga ANC chair.

“We must all pray for unity in our beloved province of Mpumalanga,” he said in the statement.

“If we all understand unity to be paramount then it should be our understanding that the Holy Spirit will deliver one candidate to lead the ANC and all of us must be able to unite behind this individual,” the President said.

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“However, if no such a candidate exists then a Provincial Task Team (PTT) that will lead us towards a decisive victory at the 2019 elections and a provincial conference thereafter may be the answer to our prayers,” he said.

He said the December 2016 prayer meeting at Ackerville’s Millenium Hall was able to determine what kind of a united leadership the Holy Spirit wanted and that “it was not by blood and flesh that Mabuza” got elected the deputy president but through the prayers of those community members who gathered.

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Read: Vusi Shongwe is my cousin, Sibusiso Sgudla is my brother

The influencial businessman takes the 013NEWS reporter into his heart, revealing some of the key players in Mpumalanga politics as his family members.

PRET leader Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla has told 013NEWS that Mpumalanga ANC treasurer Vusi Shongwe is his cousin and PEC member Sibusiso Sgudla his brother.

Not going into details, Masofa said they were raised by a very strong father who taught them “how to walk, how to live and how to give services to society, in response to what God can do for you”.

“That is a teaching that we got and today we are reaping from it,” he said.

Sgudla said his father, whose name he didn’t divulge, has always been there in the ANC.

“If I can tell you who my father is and what he was doing for the movement you can be shocked but we don’t claim that because we were told not to do that. Not in their names,” Sgudla said.

“We are children of the same cadres who kept the ANC alive all these years but we don’t boast with it as we were taught not to,” he told the 013NEWS reporter.

He said Sibusiso, the powerful politician residing in Ermelo and the PEC convener of the ANC in the Gert Sibande region, is the child of the younger brother of his father.

“He’s my brother,” Masofa said.

“And if you look at Vusi Shongwe, same blood. He is the child of the sister of my father,” Sgudla said.

Read: Vusi Shongwe is my cousin, Sibusiso Sgudla is my brother

Vusi Shongwe. PIC MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

“You must look at the posture of Vusi Shongwe, posture of Sibusiso and myself is one thing,” Sgudla told the reporter.

Read: Vusi Shongwe is my cousin, Sibusiso Sgudla is my brother

Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla. PIC MfisoDIGITAL/MLM.

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Read: Vusi Shongwe is my cousin, Sibusiso Sgudla is my brother

Sibusiso Sgudla. PIC MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

“Then if you look at Mandla Sgudla inKwaggafontein and Herschelle Sigudla, the physiotherapist in eMalahleni, same. Those are my brothers. Herschelle was born right after me, he’s the child of my father and mother,” Sgudla said.

Sgudla was replying to a statement released by SANCO this week charging that he should be investigated and charged for “money-laundering” for his habit of dishing out R200 notes to poor people during community meetings.

He said their success is due to the teachings they got from their parents that “a giving hand is blessed”.

“And today we are reaping from it,” he said. “Go to God and ask what is “money-laundering”?When God creates all of us we are given a different mandate and the mandate that I was born for I know and I will die with it,” he said.

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He said he did training in the 1980s as an upholsterer and began a business fixing and covering furniture for the people of eMalahleni, which is where his nickname ‘Masofa’, meaning ‘sofas’, come from.

He was merely a 23-year-old boy with “a mind to enter business and unleash my God-given business talents”.

“I have worked hard for everything I have and when I give people money it’s my money. I don’t steal money. I can do anything I like with my money, including buying expensive things and enjoying it alone but I don’t want to do that. I want to help people develop and become billionaires like myself and which is the reason PRET was formed.Why do they bark at me for my money? he asked.

He said he doesn’t do tenderpreneurship”, saying those who say so are lying.

“Everybody knows I’m not a tenderprenuer. Those who say I’m a tenderprenuer are mistaken. I’ve never filled up a form and applied to the municipalities, no, no. I don’t do that. I’m an enteprenuer, a businessperson, a property developer, an industrialist. I buy land and develop it. I own office blocks across the province and in Gauteng,” he said.

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Reckless driving investigated in ANC treasurer’s dramatic crash

The taxi driver was admitted to hospital, according to officials.

A case of reckless driving is being investigated after Vusi Shongwe, the provincial treasurer of the ANC in the Mpumalanga province, had his Merc wrecked in a crash involving a taxi driver.

The community safety department in the province said the taxi driver, whose name they do not disclose, allegedly got onto the oncoming traffic lane, causing a head-on collision.

Reckless driving investigated in ANC treasurer's dramatic crash

The accident happened at around 1 on Wednesday night on the R40 towards Mbombela near the SABC building.

When Shongwe, who is also the Agriculture MEC in the province, approached Mbombela a white Toyota Quantum with no other occupant other than the driver came and headed on to his lane.

“It was coming from a filling station” departmental spokesman Joseph Mabuza said, “the driver said he was unfamiliar with the area and that is why he made the errors” said Mabuza.

“Police will investigate a case of reckless or negligence driving,” he said.

Shongwe was driving whatin supplied photos looks like a grey Mercedes Benz and sources said it had a Gauteng registration plate.

Reckless driving investigated in ANC treasurer's dramatic crash

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Nkangala general council: Vusi Shongwe speaks unity

The provincial executive committee member addressed the regional general council.

Mpumalanga ANC treasurer Vusi Shongwe has appealed for unity, saying the time of congresses divides the ANC.

He said “conferences cause disorder” and they have accepted that as a “norm”.

Shongwe was addressing the special regional general council of the ANC in Nkangala on Saturday morning (25 Mar).

“I want all of you you here to go back in your branches and be ambassadors of unity,” he told delegates at the Banquet hall in Middelburg.

“And don’t allow your leaders to use you for their own agendas,” said Shongwe.

He said members who didn’t have money or power found themselves being used by those with money or power to achieve their own interests.

He also warned against greediness, saying the other way to stay united is to avoid being greedy.

“In order for us to be united we must try to not be greedy, we must know that there are comrades who are volunteers who get absolutely nothing in return for the love of the movement,” he said.

“ANC is not divided by ordinary members, it is divided by us the leaders of upper structures and deployees, it is us who think we know better,” Shongwe said, adding that should stop.

The ANC in the Nkangala region is expected to retain the current leadership as a way of forging ‘unity’.

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This campaign, called ‘maintaining the status quo’, is expected to elected current chairman Speedy Mashilo for a third term and Leah Khoza for a second term but another faction opposed to this wants change, saying the main faction’s call for unity is biased.

A source in the regional executive committee said that although the campaign seeks to maintain the status quo it does not mean that the positions of deputies wouldn’t be contested. “What we are looking at are key leaders, we want to retain the chairperson and and secretary and at the same time bring in young leaders into the fold as the chairperson has said”

The ANCYL in the province has been lobbying provincial leader David Mabuza for a forty-percent inclusion of young people into strategic positions in the party and in government for the past two years.

However one other faction has been lobbying for an outright leadership change and a take over of young people. It wants JS Moroka mayor Gijimani Skhosana to emerge as the new chairman when the region goes to its elective conference in May 2017.

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