‘Young people should stop thinking tenders’

Tendering has become one of the ways the youth look to for earning a living but the MEC wants this kind of thinking to end.


Mpumalanga economic development MEC Eric Kholwane wants the type of business initiatives that can sustain the growth of the South African economy.

But he said the tendering system is not one of these, rather the youth should go the extra mile in being innovative.

Kholwane was speaking during the opening of a youth owned chicken franchise, Galitos, in Middelburg recently.

'Young people should stop thinking tenders'

Galito’s manager Kerry Murphy, Steve Tshwete executive mayor Bagudi Tolo, MEC Eric Kholwane and YCCISA regional manager Khutso Masemola during the opening of a Galito’s chicken outlet in Mhluzi, Middelburg.

“When we talk about entrepreneurship, young people always think about tenders,” the MEC said at the launch.

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“Entrepreneurship is not about tenders,” Kholwane said.

“It is about ideas and being innovative,” he told the Mhluzi youths who attended the event.

He said his office has an abundance of funding available to really wants to offer entrepreneurial innovations, “not those who want tenders”.

He said government should stop the tendering system. “We want to buy directly from local suppliers so to promote innovation in young people and boost local economies,” he said.

The franchise was funded by the Mpumalanga Economic Development Agency in partnership with the National Youth Development Agency and Youth Chamber of Commerce and Industries of South Africa.

It is one of the three projects launched in the Nkangala region, owned by women.

“We are happy that today we are launching a program that is anchored around young women in this month of August,” said Kholwane.

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“Looking at our history, men were oppressed by race and the system but women had to endure a third layer of oppression which oppression by their male counterparts. Unfortunately women today are still exposed to that type of oppression,” the MEC said.

“It’s important that we should not downplay the pain endured by women during the liberation struggle. Let’s hold them by hand so they can also succeed, not to manipulate them,” he said.

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YCCISA assists Mhluzi woman start own Galitos restaurant

The first one was opened in Lydenburg and another one in Nhlazatshe.

The Youth Chamber of Commerce & Industries South Africa in collaboration with the Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency and the National Youth Development Agency are on a mission to assist young entrepreneurs start their own Galitos restaurants.

The YCCISA and other stakeholders will be in Middelburg this coming Friday (10 Aug) for the opening of a new Galitos restaurant belonging to a female beneficiary that YCCISA assisted.

The restaurant that will be launched on Friday is the third as the other two were opened a few months ago.

“The first restaurant was launched in Lydenburg, while the second one was launched in Nhlazatshe,” YCCISA President Victor Mashego said.

“So we decided to launch this one on a Women’s Month because here the beneficiary is a woman,” said Mashego.

He said they plan to open eight more restaurants “of this nature”.

It costs them R500 000 to open each restaurant, Mashego said.

The project will create more than 77 sustainable jobs.

Each restaurant will have 7 employees, while other job opportunities will be created through the project’s value chain.

Mashego thanked the Galitos company for agreeing to partner with them to make the projects a success as well as economic development MEC Eric Kholwane and MEGA chief executive officer Xola Sithole who assisted so much.

“The new owners will undergo training and mentorship from relevant professionals. I am also happy that the University of Mpumalanga is willing to work with us on other issues as far as this project is concern,” he said.

YCCISA have negotiated for the entire value chain, egg-layers, incubators,1 day chicken breeding and abattoir.

“This is our rural and township economy revitalisation strategy,” he said, adding 60% of the 11 beneficiaries are young women.

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