Losi says endorsement of Dlamini-Zuma ‘to do with interests of men’

She says they are not going to allow women to be used by men.

Cosatu 2nd deputy president Zingiswa Losi is taking on those campaigning for ex-AU chairwoman Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to succeed her ex-husband, saying these are men who want to use women for their own interests.

Losi was speaking at the Young Communist League’s Youth Day rally in eMalahleni on Sunday afternoon.

“We don’t have a problem with Mama Nkosazana,” she said while on stage.

“But we have problems if women are going to be used by men,” she said to thunderous applause.

“This call that the ANC is ready for a woman president is a call to use women to advance the narrow, myopic interests of men,” she said, provoking further applause.

Losi says endorsement of Dlamini-Zuma 'to do with interests of men'

Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma may be the first female president of the ANC since 1912. PIC: BuzzSA

“This call has got nothing to do with women. It’s got everything to do with the interests of those men that are corrupting the ANC and who want to stay in power but want to front with women,” said Losi.

“We’ve got problems with that,” she told the communist members and supporters gathered at the eMalahleni civic centre.

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ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and SACP leader Blade Nzimande were expected to deliver the ANC and SACP’s messages of supports at the YCL rally but both didn’t come, sending apologies instead.

ANC NEC member Aaron Motsoaledi delivered the ANC’s message of support on Ramaphosa’s behalf as well as SACP central committee member Madala Masuku in Nzimande’s stead, saying the deputy president was not able to come as he was seriously held up at his home.

Nzimande couldn’t come because of the death of his mother Nozipho who passed away a week ago and who was buried over the weekend in Edendale, KZN.

Losi says endorsement of Dlamini-Zuma 'to do with interests of men'

Zingiswa Losi. MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

Dlamini-Zuma may be the first female president of the ANC since its in 1912 if her supporters have their way at the party’s 54th elective conference in December 2017.

Both Cosatu and SANCO have endorsed Ramaphosa to take over the reigns of the ANC instead of Dlamini-Zuma, saying Ramaphosa is the only one capable of uniting the ANC and fighting rampant corruption.

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Losi warned that Radical Economic Transformation should not mean the looting of state-owned enterprises but real economic change favourable to workers, “not about the connected few, Zuma and Gupta family”.

She also condemned the recent march to SACP 2nd deputy secretary Solly Mapaila’s house three weeks ago by MKMVA members, saying as Cosatu they were still waiting for President Jacob Zuma to release a statement, distancing himself from the march.

“We haven’t heard him distancing himself. If he doesn’t distance himself it will mean he’s part of it,” Losi said.

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YCL reacts to attempt to assassinate Solly Mapaila

The young communists say they are truly outraged.


The young communist league has reacted to what looks like an aborted attempt to gun down SACP second deputy national leader Solly Mapaila.

Mapaila was expected to speak at the commemoration of slain leader Chris Hani but was booed and heckled by the crowds when he ascended to the stage.

A video clip shows a man pointing [what may appear to look like] a gun, apparently at Mapaila during the booing on Monday (10 Apr) at the wreath-laying ceremony in Boksburg.


The office of YCL national leader Mluleki Dlelanga said the man, who upon being alerted that he was seen could not shoot, received the instructions to slay Mapaila from his “political masters”.

“As such, the YCLSA joined the SACP in laying charges with the police,” the league said.

“As the YCLSA, we would like to make aware the entire South African community that, as the parasitic bourgeoisie is put under pressure to leave the national purse alone and is exposed of its anti-poor and anti-worker shenanigans, voices of dissent will be targeted and dealt with as it tragically happened to comrade Chris Hani,” the league said in the statement released by national spokesman Molaodi Wa Sekake.

YCL reacts to attempt to assassinate Solly Mapaila

SACP second deputy secretary Solly Mapaila. IMAGE Supplied

“As the YCLSA, we believe that this is in no way isolated from the social, economic and political malaise we face as a country.

“Those young people who are neither at work nor at school will be used by the political elite to commit the most insensitive of acts,” they said.

SACP leader Blade Nzimande’s office has since laid charges with the cops and said they would further speak to the ANC and other alliance partners about the incident.

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“Those who planned to disrupt the commemoration by silencing the voice of the Communist Party and pursuing intent to spill blood on Hani’s gravesite were clearly inspired by his murderers,” the party said on Wednesday (12 Apr).

“The thugs and the elite of political lumpens who co-ordinated them wanted to commit 10 April the second time and force us into a state of déjà vu using the same modus operandi copied from Hani’s cold-blooded murderers and pasted on his gravesite,” it said.

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Selfish politicians pander on SA unemployed youth

As many as 80% of ANCYL and YCL members are unemployed.

These young people find themselves joining the two movements because of the dire economic situation and are often misused by elder leaders for their own selfish interests.

Delivering a political report at the Donna-Bella conference centre during its 7th congress, YCL Gert Sibande leader Ayanda Mashaba said the 51% Mpumalanga youth that is reported to be unemployed by Statistics SA find themselves despondent about the future and as a result have turned to crime, gangsterism, drugs and alcohol abuse or “to transactional sexual relationships” in order to counter the poverty they are faced with.

“What’s more, many more turn to our organisations, the ANCYL and YCL as a way of upward economic mobility.

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“Several organisational reports show that more than 80% of ANCYL and YCL members are unemployed, making our organisation de-facto recruitment agencies,” Mashaba said.

“In the quest for economic progress, young people in these organisations are pitted against each other to prove loyalty in order to advance their respective economic interests,” he said.

Those who were more loyal to a particular leader find themselves being liberated economically while others were scared of being principled because they feared they would no longer receive the benefits from leaders.

Others hoped they would get similar benefits, serving the interests of a certain powerful leader than the policies or ideologies of the movement.

“Comrades, this is the better reality of where we find ourselves as an organisation.

“This bears testimony to not only the economic imperative of solving the unemployment crisis but also the political imperative,” he said.

“The inability to solve the crisis of youth unemployment not only undermine economic development of our country but is also a grave threat to the internal cohesion and stability of the ANC and SACP,” he said.

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