Parly committee wants help for mineworkers affected by dust

Parly committee wants help for workers affected by mine dust
The mineral resources portfolio committee in Parliament wants the department of mineral resources to play a role in the class action case of former mine workers against 82 gold mines. PICTURE BY Corbis.

The ex-workers are at court, demanding forms of compensation for the suffering.


The portfolio committee on mineral resources has advised the department of mineral resources to play a role in the class action case by 30 000 former mineworkers against 82 gold mines.

The Committee made the statement this week Wednesday (22 Nov) following a briefing by Lawyers representing ex-mine workers suffering from lung diseases and silicosis.

The chairperson of the Committee, Mr Sahlulele Luzipo, said although he understood the seriousness of the case, he underestimated its complexity.

“It is concerning that political guidance is missing and this case has been dragging on for four years now. The reality is that people will eventually complain to Parliament when things go wrong,” he said.

The committee has noted that although the case started in 2012, the high court only granted authorisation to proceed in May 2016, but the decision has since been taken on appeal with the Supreme Court of Appeal.

Lastly, the Committee will reconvene next week on Wednesday (29 November) to get a briefing from the Deputy Minister of the Department of Mineral Resources, Mr Godfrey Oliphant, on the extent to which the department is playing a role in the case.

 *Luzipho is the chair of the committee.