[#Sesethu]: My Own Masturbating Mix-Tape.

We are so submerged in white filth we can’t even sin without mimicking how whites sin! But perhaps this is because whiteness is an inherently immoral construct.


I’m told that Kideo has dropped her porn mix-tape and underground heads let the thing go viral on the internet.

Just to be sure, being a gluttonous imbiber of film and photography, I just cannot bring myself to watching porn and stand-up comedy; so I did not watch this controversial video clip.

That being said, I see people decrying the fact that Kideo’s (I call her that because I’m told she’s a kid who needs her identity concealed) masturbatory performance on that piece is to dope for her age on this hand, while others lament the leaking of the thingy on that hand.

To me, this is an amputated and a cop-out way of looking at the whole saga for people who portray themselves as concerned about this ill.

At at the outset, I’m happy that Kideo has dropped the shit because it lays bare the kind of society we live in. We are an egregiously pornographic people and our addiction to it (just like any other activity we over-indulge in) eventually rubs on our younger members of society.

But it is the promotion of lack of sexual inhibition (sexual exhibitionism) by the white print and electronic media which births porno production, distribution and consumption.

This is where the music, photography and films perpetually paraded on our radios, TV, magazines and the internet should come under unflinching scrutiny.

Forget about the government which is supposed to stand at the vanguard of moral restoration, re-generation and cartography of the nation – they are an indespensable part of the plot to have our little angels re-nact in their lives the immorality they see on the media.

On this score, I urge south Afrikans to look up a law which was legislated by your high-living politicians which gives kids over twelve years the “power” to make decisions.

I chanced upon this piece of law in 2014 when colonial schools implored us to sign the forms which granted parental consent to have our baby-girls “immunized” for the so-called HVM virus. But hey, all we want is land, land, and only land. How hegemony turns our 13 year-olds into instant 31 year-olds is found negligible.

The palpable truth is that it all starts in our own houses – the ultimate microcosm of the nation.

We buy our small babies TV, radios and cellphones for internet access, the content of which is either entirely white-owned and/or white-influenced; then we leave for the whole day to go labour at white-owned plantations.

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The upshot is that, at work we are under white supervision, white ethics and white hermeneutics of morality; at school our kids are bombarded with a pedagogy whose coordinates points to white culture; and at home they watching and listening to content created apropos to white culture.

To be sure, white culture is sutured with an inherent and indespensable performance to destroy blackness, and the adoption of it’s ethos is decidedly a teleleogy towards the primordial desire – the destruction of black civilization, only this time via our own performativity, in a word, self-destruction.

We are so submerged in white filth we can’t even sin without mimicking how whites sin! But perhaps this is because whiteness is an inherently immoral construct.

This, however, is no sufficient excuse not to apportion blame to ourselves.

To their credit, black parents would inquire whether the friends their kids keep are of good morals or not, that is, they do a backround check of who their kids hang out with. However, we buy them TV’s, radios and magazines but we don’t bother to do a backround check of the producers and writers of those films, songs, and article.

What is more sobering, is that those parents who have defied TV and music in their homes, and who stoically refuse to buckle under the pressure to give their small children cellphones, their kids are still not insulated from accessing this filth because the overwhelming majority of their peers at school and in the neighbourhood own gadgets which store porn, filthy music and film.

We are complicit at the very nascent stages of this labyrinthine and sustained satanic programme to snatch away our little angels’ innocence.

How can we not shoulder the sad indictment of having sold-out our kids to colonization when we let trashy folks like Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and Beyonce; and filthy films like Empire and Generations to raise our kids while we are at work and/or submerged in other frivolous activities?

Instead of starting those weekend stokvels where we spent tall time plotting how to invest money; attending those party politics gatherings; and spending time at drinking holes while shooting pool, black parents should start neighbourhood parent groups where their offsprings’ behavioural patterns are put under the microscope and discussed.

To live your own child’s upbringing to the hands of politicians and teachers is not a panacea because it is not in the interest of hegemony’s politics and education to raise a black nation of Einsteins; Steve Jobs; Messis; Denzel Washingtons; Makebas; Michael Jacksons; Spielbergs; LeBrons; Serenas; and Usain Bolts.

They want us to raise a black nation of what Lil Wayne, Coochie (Empire), Rihanna, Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman) and Rick Ross portray on film and in song.

Yes, they want us to get our little angels like Kideo to access the internet, learn about how “to pleasure themselves” (as our family magazines implore us), re-enact the exprlerimentation on video, and then send it to our equally morally-damaged young boys, who in turn viralize it on social media.

The leaked video of this kid is the climax which succintly captures our black kids’ plight today, which is to say, through her, our little kids’ erudition in porn culture and sexual performativity is laid bare.

In other words, your own small kids, nieces, and little sisters who are still snot-nosed are also doing this shit, and apart from the media and the government, we have ourselves to extol for our kids passing sexual exhibitionism with flying colours.

But it is the unsettling realization that black parents and black immediate-future parents are piously attached to TV, radio and the internet to a point where view these as a sign of having made progress from “our primitive past”, makes me turn myself in and give up the ounce of hope I hitherto possess as we continue to meander towards the precipice prepared for us by our captors.

To argue that TV is not entire bad because there is some good in it is not unsimilar to posit that drinking water laced with poison is not entirely bad because of some vitamins added in there. It is poison which kills!

You can miss me with superflous caveats like “parental advisory” and age restriction. They serve only to peak our kids’ curiousity.

By way of conclusion, is there a suitable age to “pleasure” oneself while capturing the act on camera? Or more to the point, should we be politicizing the age issue apropos to porn or should we be politicizing the production of porn in the first place?

This is where the controversial issue of morality raises it’s head. Controversial because morality is said to be a social construct, and on which moral ground does society stand to draw our general moral cartography?

* Ramphomane is a philosopher and a BlackVoice.