King Mswati III restarts fresh claims over South African land

King Mswati III restarts fresh claims over South African land
MAKHOSETIVE: Africa's only absolute monarch, King Mswati III says large parts of SA belong to the Swati nation. PICTURE BY Swazi Observer.

The King appointed a committee that will look into the matter this week.

Swaziland King Mswati III has refreshed claims of parts of South Africa’s land, with the appointment of a committee that is tasked to recover it.

Chairman of the Border Determination Special Committee, Prince Guduza, said South Africa’s Tshwane and larger portions of Gauteng, Limpopo and KwaZulu Natal belong to Swaziland.

“The initial boundaries of the country show that the country was demarcated by the Limpopo River on the north and the Mkhuze River in the South.

“Even modern day Pretoria belongs to Swaziland and the then Sophiatown (in Gauteng) was inhabited by Swaziland,” said Gubuza, who is also the King’s brother.

“Our history is intact and we can show that King Ngwane III was the first to cross the Lubombo Mountains, which gives us claim to some land within modern day Mozambique,” he said.

The country lost the land during the colonial era, in the 1840s.

The country’s history draws back to the early-1700s.

State newspaper Swazi Observer reported that on Sunday during a meeting with the Swaziland Editors Forum at the Mountain Inn, Thabiso Masina, of Swaziland’s Attorney General, said before Europeans came the country used to be very big and that is before the 1840s.

“The shrinkage of the Swazi land came as a result of the coming of the white settlers,” Masina said.

“A number of concessions, treaties and conventions and the country becoming a British-Protected State and the enactment of the foot and mouth boundary line also contributed to the loss,” Masina reportedly said.

“The bottom line is that the then ruling South African whites stole land from the Swazis and it is them that duly know the history and what should happen,” he added.

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