SANCO says SACP should contest the 2019 general elections

The civic movement accused the ANC of being ‘drunk with power’.

The South African National Civic Organisation in the Mpumalanga province has called on the SACP to contest the 2019 general elections, quitting being part of the ANC-led alliance and standing on its own in leading the poor.

SANCO provincial executive committee member Doctor Mwale delivered the civic organisation’s message at the SACP’s lecture on the life of the later Peter Chikunga, the husband of transport deputy minister Sindi Chikunga.

Mwale called on the SACP to use its marxist-leninist tools of analysis in seeing the danger to which the ANC is as a driver leading the alliance.

“But when we look at the driver of the alliance we’re saying something is wrong,” Mwale said.

“They are purging our comrades, deepening corruption which causes the areas where we live to be without water, streets are not paved, others full of potholes.

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“As SANCO, we are saying to the SACP as an alliance brother sitting in the front, look whether things the way they, are they are correct.

“Open your eyes comrades and check whether we’re still in need to be led by a faction or rather to be led by the ANC and as SANCO we prefer to be led by the ANC because when we’re led by the ANC we share same agenda, we share same NDR program than when we’re led by a faction,” he said.

The SACP in the Chief Albert Luthuli sub-region commemorated the life of Chikunga over the weekend, inviting provincial leader Bonakele Majuba to give the key note address at the Elukwatini stadium.

Mwale thanked the SACP for giving them the opportunity to speak and said that they were tired of the ANC’s nepotism, corruption and purging of comrades who are not loyal to a particular faction.

“We’re looking forward to the watershed national congress of the SACP and as SANCO we’re saying we are interested in those particular resolutions that are going to be taken.

“If really the person who is leading the state is drunk, full of corruption, full of nepotism, full of all those social-ills, we’re saying to the SACP please lead us into the state power,” Mwale said.

(edited by ZK)

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