The school has now been described as racist, owing to its rejection of the application by black kids.

A dozen letters leaked to013NEWS has confirmed a claim by protesters to the school that it doesn’t want to admit black pupils.

The Afrikaners-built primary school in the Mbombela city of Mpumalanga this week Tuesday received a memorandum from a handful of protesters organised by the EFF.

Provincial leader Collen Sedibe leaked the letters that were written by the school to black parents and in them the parents are told “to apply at other schools”.

“Your child is on the waiting list,” the school replied in a letter to one of the parents in November 2017 in her application for 2018 admission. “Please apply at other schools. Please don’t phone the school. Kind regards,” it says.

In another, dated 13 September 2017, the Laerskoel Nelspruit replies that they cannot admit Ngcebo Mahlophe as they have “reached limit for the grade”.

“We have reached limit for the grade and have no more vacancies space becomes available. Kindly note that your child will be placed on the waiting list. Should any space be available and we are able to accommodate your child, we will contact and inform you accordingly,” one of the letters read.

Read: Black parents receive letters barring kids from Laerskool Nelspruit

One of the black parents said the white kids don’t get placed in “waiting list”.

“It is very unfair,” she said.

“They always say we must apply early but when we do we are always told we are late,” she told the 013NEWS reporter over the phone.

The EFF marched and submitted a memorandum to the school.

Read: Black parents receive letters barring kids from Laerskool Nelspruit

EFF leader, Collen Sedibe.

“We demand that the school management allocate English and Afrikaans classes equally in all the grades in order to allow learners to choose subject of their own choices because as things stands Afrikaans classes dominates English classes and that the school management reviews its admission policy in order to curb the challenges and frustrations faced by new learners and their parents,” the EFF said in their memorandum.

The school promised they will answer the memorandum.

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