Shoprite liquor store looted in KaNyamazane violent protest

Shoprite liquor store looted in KaNyamazane violent protest
VIOLENT: Protestors in the Mbombela township of KwaNyamazane stage a violent protest demanding their homes be rebuilt by government. PICTURE BY Caxton.

The residents want government to fix their homes which were destroyed by heavy rainfall the past season.

A Shoprite liquor store was looted by angry residents in the KaNyamazane area.

Police confirmed the liquor store was broken into and liquor taken by protesters.

The residents are angry at government for delaying on their promises to fix homes that were destroyed by heavy-rain in May 2018.

The residents have earlier argued that it was government’s faults that the rain had destroyed the homes as the area doesn’t have storm water-drains.

The affected residents are in KaNyamazane, Tekwane and Ntokozweni and government had pledged R19 million to fix the homes of the locals.

But when the locals saw the appointed contractor taking time to fix the homes they took to the street, burning tyres and blocking roads with logs and rocks.

More than 2 thousand homes were affected by the Mbombela hail-storm.

The residents say there is a slow progress in fixing the homes and they don’t know why.

Four contractors were appointed to fix the homes of the affected residents.

The human settlement department said their contractors are already on site and are busy with renovations and were asking residents to be patient.

“One of the contractors is responsible to remove the asbestos roofing whilst the other three are mandated to fix the walls, erect trusses, roof and ceiling,” it said in a statement on Monday this week amid the protest.

The department said they believe R19 million will not be enough and as a result they are on the process of seeking more funds to help the residents.

Rubber bullets had to be used by cops to disperse the angry mobs.

Shoprite liquor store looted in KaNyamazane violent protest

The residents were so affected by the disaster that on the day it happened the government had to come and provide tents for the residents to be able to sleep.

The contractors have been on the site since the first week of July 2018.

“It must be added though that the department will intensify its inspection on the houses following beneficiaries’ complains of slow progress by the contractors,” the department said.

“In the meantime, the police are handling the protests currently underway at KaNyamazane.

“Engagements will also ensue between all stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the matter,” reads the statement.

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