Government to provide empty stands for poor to build own homes

Government to provide empty stands for poor to build own homes
HOUSING BACKLOG: Mpumalanga Human Settlements is looking into acquiring land for people to build their own houses as government struggles to provide RDP houses for citizens. PICTURE BY BusinessLIVE

The government is currently faced with a huge housing backlog.

Human settlement MEC Speedy Mashilo has said the government is working on acquiring more land in order to give people empty stands to construct their own homes. He was speaking on eMalahleni FM last week. 

Mashilo said they want to hand over land to communities to build their own homes.

This is the second time a leader of the government has hinted at the idea of giving people land to build their own homes.

Back in 2016, then Premier and current deputy president David Mabuza said the government was planning on developing communities economically by including them in the construction of their own homes.

He said communities needed to be manufacturers of goods required during the process of building RDP houses, adding it was concerning that tenders were awarded to contractors to build RDP homes for the poor and schools but community members were not going to eat the school or the house that had been built by the contractor.


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“So, if you look at the margins and the amount given as a grant to build a house, an RDP house, I’m thinking that if we can get our people to produce bricks, window frames, some to produce tiles, roofing and some to build, and all those who’ll be people producing building material we will buy from them as government,” Mabuza said then.

Also, ex-human settlement minister Lindiwe Sisulu had suggested the giving of land to people to construct their own homes was faster than the current way.

She said there would be no free houses anymore, but just empty stands provided by the government – which the poor will use to build their homes.

However, her proposals were criticized, given the high number of people without income in the country.

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