Rhino Poaching: New technology will see rangers respond within 60 seconds

Rhino Poaching: New technology will see rangers respond within 60 seconds
RAPID RESPONSE: New technology being rolled out at the Kruger National Park will now have rangers responding within 60 seconds of a gunshot going off. PICTURE BY SANParks

Officials don’t want to discover rhino carcasses days or weeks after a poaching incident, they want to detect any gunshot taking place in the bush within a short space of time.

A new technology could see rhino poachers in the Kruger National Park being attended to within a period of 60 seconds.

The company that is appointed to set up the system, ShotSpotter Inc, this week announced the new gunshot detection systems and which will go a long way in fighting rhino poaching in the province.

This is a latest technique to the one being applied by Kruger – where the rhinos are dehorned – to save them from dying for their horns… 

ShotSpotter made the announcement Tuesday 17 September 2019 this week ahead of World Rhino Day on Friday 22 September.

The technology company says it aims to “change the game by giving our rangers the exact location of the shot within seconds”.

“The resulting speed and accuracy of the response not only increases our chances of making contact and effecting an arrest but over time we hope will send a powerful message to poachers to stay away,” Kruger’s Glenn Phillips said on Tuesday.

The new combat systems of advanced surveillance will allow rangers to track and intercept poachers.

Kruger said previously most poaching incidents used to go undetected – with carcasses found days or weeks after the incident. 

Now that is coming to an end as the new technology will detect, locate and alert park rangers to gunfire incidents in under 60 seconds, using the advanced sensors.

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