Fourth wave by Christmas if majority not vaccinated

Fourth wave by Christmas if majority not vaccinated
PRO VAXX: Deputy President David Mabuza says government needs to do more in educating people about the importance of COVID-19 vaccinations in order to avoid the fourth wave expected over the festive season. PICTURE BY The Conversation

Many people are still thinking twice about getting the jab.

Experts contend that if a majority of South Africans above the age of 35 are vaccinated a looming fourth wave can be avoided by Christmas.

Wits University’s virologist Professor Shabir Madhi said the government should just forget about those below 35 and stick to those above this age.

Madhi addressed medical professionals during a Discovery Health webcast.

“If we want to return to a normal lifestyle, we need to get 90% of those above 35, especially those above 50, vaccinated,” he said.

“Extending vaccinations to those between 18 and the 35-year-old group won’t prevent another wave in November,” he said, emphasizing that the target should be those 35 and older.


The professionals are concerned that a lot of people are hesitating to take the jab and believe this is the problem of the government’s poor communication and awareness programs.

Scientists are currently studying a new variant that has once more came out of the SARS-COV2 other than the Delta.

Madhi said people were losing confidence in medical doctors – as they are being told that they are behind a plot to kill people and this is made worse by internet pseudo-science peddled by conspiracy theorists.

Deputy President David Mabuza says they are planning to vaccinate 70% of the population by 31 December 2021.

He said the government will accelerate communications, for people to begin understanding the importance of vaccinations.

“We can’t criminalise lack of knowledge by sending law enforcement officials after those spreading fake news about the Covid-19 vaccines, instead, we ought to educate our people. Send expects health care workers and counter miss information with enlightened views,” Mabuza said.

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