LOOK: Secunda couple finds frog in burger

LOOK: Secunda couple finds frog in burger
KERMIT GARNISH: A frog found inside a burger ordered online from a popular franchise in Secunda. PICTURE Facebook

The franchise restaurant is currently speaking to the couple.

A Secunda couple has shared photos on social media after they spotted a frog inside a burger they bought from a franchise restaurant.

The food was ordered online and when the family checked the burger they were shocked by the disgusting finding.

The frog had apparently been cooked with the rest of the food but Willem Bezuidenhout from Secunda said it really was a frog.

They bought the food on Saturday 6 May 2022.

LOOK: Secunda couple finds frog in burger
The froggy chicken burger bought from a popular burger franchise in Secunda. Supplied

They had bought the burger for their daughter…

The popular restaurant is currently in contact with the family to find out what really happened.

They could compensate the couple for the spoiled food.

Bezuidenhout wrote on Facebook after the finding: “Thank you Secunda [name of restaurant withdrawn] for the not so wonderful surprise on my daughter’s meal tonight 6 May 2022”.

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