Mpumalanga ANC to have PGC after 2019 general elections

They say all they will do now is concentrate on preparations for next year’s elections.

The Mpumalanga ANC has postponed their PGC to after the 2019 general elections, acting secretary Lindiwe Ntshalintshali has confirmed.

She said now they are busy preparing for next year’s elections.

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Ntshalintshali said they are following a communication by national secretary Ace Magashule.

“The letter from the secretary reaffirming an NEC decision says we should concentrate on elections,” she said.

She said the NEC early this year had put “timelines” for provinces to hold congresses and provincial general council “and later on said Mpumalanga should no longer. You will do it next year,” said Ntshalintshali said.

She added for now they are concentrating on preparing for elections.

The date of the 2019 general elections will be announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Constitutionally, the elections should be called any time between 8 May and 7 August 2019.

The current term ends on 8 May 2019 and the IEC will then have a time frame of 90 days to hold elections, and the date will be chosen by Ramaphosa falling within this 90 days window.

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‘DD Mabuza promised three leaders they would succeed him’

The province is currently struggling to hold a PGC that will elect his successor.

ANC deputy president DD Mabuza promised three leaders that they would replace him during the time there was a furore over former President Jacob Zuma’s fate as the country’s president, two insiders have said.

The sources said Mabuza attended his last provincial executive committee meeting of the ANC in the Mpumalanga province early this year and in it he told PEC member Fish Mahlalela that he “will take this thing”.

“It’s yours. Take it,” said one of the sources, referring to the provincial chairmanship position that Mabuza left when he got elected the deputy president on 18 December 2017.

“He told him he wanted somebody who is disciplined and who would be the beacon of hope for the masses of the people and who would maintain stability and keep the unity of the movement,” the source told the 013NEWS reporter.

'DD Mabuza promised three leaders they would succeed him'

Fish Mahlalela

Later on, Mabuza told Peter Nyoni, who is co-operative governance head, to “prepare himself” as he was leaving him the position, the source said.

“He basically told Nyoni same thing,” the source said.

Mabuza was elected the deputy president during a national elective congress at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Soweto.

On 27 February 2018, President Cyril Ramaphosa appointed him the country’s deputy president.

Ramaphosa – who was himself the country’s deputy president and who was elected ANC President in the same Nasrec conference – was elected by Parliament on 15 February 2018 to replace Zuma who was forced to resign on the night of 14 February.

The source said it was during this time of the commotion around Zuma’s fate that Mahlalela and Nyoni got to be promised the Mpumalanga ANC chair seat.

“Then a week later Mabuza delivered the state of the province address at the legislature and then told crowds afterwards that Mandla Ndlovu should take the position,” the insider said.

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Mahlalela confirmed on Friday midday that he was promised the position and that Mabuza “just said it in passing”.

“I don’t think he really meant it because subsequently to that he publicly endorsed comrade  Mandla [Ndlovu]. It was during a PEC meeting in January and he said this thing in front of everybody that he was leaving the position to me but I think he was just saying it in passing,” Mahlalela said over the phone.

Nyoni said there was no way Mabuza would have wanted him to be his successor “because of my struggles in the ANC”.

“That is that an impression created. First of all that is not the proper way of getting a successor. You can’t say to me I will be your successor, only the branches can say that,” nyoni said on Thursday afternoon.

He said the only time he discussed ANC matters with Mabuza was two years ago and they spoke about factionalism, gate-keeping and the need to unite the ANC.

“I’m not his favoured candidate and never was,” Nyoni said.

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The province previously had Pat Ngomane, a close friend of Mabuza who hails from his home region of eHlanzeni, poised for the position but a powerful lobby group aligned to the deputy president now wants Ngomane to be the secretary, Ndlovu the chair and Nkangala leader Speedy Mashilo the deputy chair.

Provincial spokeswoman Sasekani Manzini had also been punted amongst those who should succeed Mabuza as well as controversial Mbombela speaker Mandla Msibi, Charles Makola, Mahlalela, Ndlovu, Nyoni and David Dube who are also jostling for the seat.

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ANC hauled into court to dissolve Mpumalanga PEC

The court is also asked to stop the Mpumalanga branches from nominating candidates who must serve in the Mpumalanga legislature ahead of next year’s general elections.

A group of disgruntled ANC members is taking the ANC to court in order to have the Mpumalanga PEC dissolved.

In court papers, the group led by Caiphus Malomane says they want the Mpumalanga branches to not hold any BGMs and nominate candidates to legislature and Parliament until the issue of “normalising” branches has been resolved.

It is the so-called “bogus branches” issue.

The group had a meeting with the NEC as well as the Mpumalanga provincial working committee on 22 September 2018 and spoke about various issues, including the branch issues, and were now asking the court to stop branches from going ahead with BGMs until a report on the issue has been received.

They also want the Mpumalanga PEC dissolved and a provincial task team established.

The Mpumalanga high court is expected to hear the matter on 12 October 2018 and amongst the issues they bring before the court the group wants –

1.) All decisions and resolutions taken during the 2015 provincial congress that elected DD Mabuza as chairman for a third term be declared null and void.

2.) National secretary Ace Magashule to appoint an interim structure.

3.) That the establishment of the Bohlabela ANC region declared null and void.

The matter will be heard at 10h00 in Mbombela.

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Peter Nyoni: ‘Only vision defines a good leader, not numbers’

He said what is needed now is the creation of an “enabling environment” in the ANC that can relieve comrades from intimidation, fear, gate-keeping and slate politics because that is what in fact robs the ANC of good leaders.

Mpumalanga ANC contender Peter Nyoni believes in the politics of vision and not just having a large number of followers towards an elective conference.

He said numbers do not bring any change in our society but ideas “and not just ideas but ideas based on principles bring change” in our society.

He said it always happened that a leader would be elevated to power by numbers and when the people realised they had put somebody with no vision they got disappointed and stopped following that leader.

Nyoni was speaking with journalist Zingisa Chirwa on her Rise FM show on Tuesday evening this week. He wants to be the chairman of the ANC in Mpumalanga.

“As a leader you have to understand why you are in a particular space,” Nyoni who boasts 30-years of experience in politics told Zingisa.

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“And leadership again is the capacity to influence people through inspiration which is generated by passion, motivated by vision, produced by conviction and ignited by a purpose.

“The purpose of being there,” he said.

“And based on that purpose you have to develop a strong conviction, something that will say to you, ‘this which I believe in I am prepared to die for’,” said Nyoni.

Peter Nyoni: 'Only vision defines a good leader, not numbers'

Peter Nyoni.

Nyoni said he had been approached by quarters of some branches in the eHlanzeni region to come fill the vacant position left by former provincial leader DD Mabuza when he got elected the deputy president on 18 December 2017.

He is amongst a large number of contestants who want the same seat, like Charles Makola and David Dube who are former provincial deputy chairmen in Mabuza’s first term (Makola) and second term (Dube), Mbombela speaker Mandla Msibi and current secretary Mandla Ndlovu, these are just some of those gunning for the Mpumalanga ANC’s top job.

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Nyoni said when he led the Save ANC Mpumalanga campaign in 2015 he got suspended as a member of the party’s provincial executive committee and could not make it into it again when an elective congress was held later that year.

“I’m now an ordinary member of the ANC,” he said.

“It was a campaign that was meant to ensure that we deal with disunity in the ANC, gate-keeping which is so rife and slate politics which for a very long time has deprived effective leadership in the ANC. I was actually challenging those things,” he said.

His Save ANC Mpumalanga grouping was opposed to Mabuza returning to be the chairman of the ANC for a third term, calling him a “Nkurunziza of Mpumalanga” – a label that was likening him to Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza whose campaign for a third term in office caused riots and widespread violence in that country.

Nyoni said leaders do not think about “what will happen to me if I do this but what will happen to the organisation if I don’t do this”.

“I need my brain because my brain is my primary tool that will enable me to think and no one must endeavour to think for me and say this is a collective decision when in fact it is a one man’s decision and that is what we are totally against. Let all of us effectively participate in the life of our organisation,” he said.

“We must be allowed the space to contribute meaningfully because you must understand that our organisation has deteriorated a lot. The trust account is now depleted, deposit that trust into it,” Nyoni said.

A provincial general council that will elect Mabuza’s successor and then fill the deputy chairperson position as well as filling another position in the PEC will be held on 15 September 2018.

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Nyoni heading to Luthuli to ‘demand’ Mpumalanga PGC

He said having a PGC in the Mpumalanga province is not a “personal but a constitutional matter”.

Mpumalanga ANC contender Peter Nyoni has told 013NEWS that next week he is going to Luthuli House to ‘demand’ that the provincial general council in the province must be allowed to sit and elect ANC deputy president DD Mabuza’s successor.

He said there was “currently lobbying” by Luthuli House for Mpumalanga not to have the PGC – that instead they must concentrate on the general elections that President Cyril Ramaphosa allegedly wants to be held earlier than next year.

Nyoni said they will demand that the PGC sits “as a programme that the ANC said would happen”.

“As ANC we must demand the PGC,” Nyoni said over the phone.

“That is not a personal but its a constitutional matter,” he says.

“The constitution says if there are vacancies declared they must be filled. So next week we are going to speak to the national leadership about the issue. There has to be the PGC in the province,” he said.

Nyoni is contesting for the position of Mpumalanga ANC chairperson left by Mabuza when he got elected deputy president on 18 December 2017.

His slate has Sarel Mtsweni who wants to be the deputy chair – a position left by Violet Siwela who became an NEC member during the Nasrec national conference.

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Provincial secretary Mandla Ndlovu also wants to be the chair – with Speedy Mashilo as the deputy chair and Pat Ngomane as the secretary.

“We can’t agree to them postponing the PGC because that was a programme that was agreed would happen. We must speak to our organisation and say, ‘no, this one is wrong, we want the PGC’,” Nyoni said.

A week ago, Ndlovu told the Mail & Guardian that his province is hard at work preparing for the PGC.

“We are still finalising the membership audit. From 1 May [2018] the branches will start to convene BGMs to nominate a provincial chairperson,” Ndlovu said.

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