Many black South Africans still regard ANC as their traditional home for politics, while the white minority regard it as their blessing in disguise.

ANC was formed to fight for the black majority interests but throughout its transformation it has become the watch dog of white economy.
The movement that was once a militant, radical liberation movement has now turned into black people’s nightmare. It has turned its back for its traditional constituency and introduced policies that favour white businesses and white minority interests.

Many will ask if that is the case, then why the same white minority, whom are now pleased with it, do not vote for the party?
Why does the white minority group not appreciate the black messiah for protecting their interests?
The answer is very simple, the white minority group wants to continue playing victim so that the ANC remain sympathetic to them while it continues to neglect its traditional constituency. This makes the ANC to continue to bullsh*t its voters while they worship and bow to the white minority group.

The formation of the EFF brought hope to the black masses of our people and many perceived it as a better alternative. Many joined EFF for its policies and others joined it because they were sympathetic to its leader, Julius Malema and that caused a lot of problems for the party.

Those who joined the party for its policies remained loyal to the party while those who joined the party for sympathising with itsleader became position mongers who do not only disrespect the policies of the party but undermined the very existence of the party. They have purged all principled members of the party to secure positions, trading positions by chanting and praising its leader more than the party. All this compromised the ideological concept of the party and its ideal of being radical and militant.

The character and the ideology of the party has been replaced by hooliganism and mud-slinging.

The Malemaism dominated and the party suffered. Malemism consists of Populism, demagoguery, elitism, hurling of insults, mudslinging, cronyism, is autocratic in nature, largely kleptomaniac and is characterised by dictatorship and inept leadership.
The question remain unanswered “What is to be done? “

*Ndzongana is a member of Save Bantamsklip Organisation and founder of the Zwelihle Renewal.