Mpumalanga sexual offences down by 3.5%


Murder and robbery are on the increase in the latest Mpumalanga crime statistics.

Recorded incidents where a woman was molested has dropped in Mpumalanga, by 3.5%, latest crime statistics have shown.

Last year Mpumalanga recorded 3331 cases of rape but this has now decreased by a mere 3.5%.

Mpumalanga Safety and Security MEC Pat Ngomane this week released the provincial crime statistics during a press briefing at the Komati Lodge, outside Mbombela.

It showed murder in the province increased by 11.1%. Attempted murder shot up by 19.3% and robbery by 11.8%.

It also showed an increase in contact crime, by 2%, but a decrease in assaults, by 4.1%.

Ngomane said illegal possession of firearms is on the increase in the province as well as driving under the influence of alcohol.

“We also noticed that trio crimes such as car and truck hijacking, house and business robberies have contributed immensely to incidents of contact crimes. People get killed and others assaulted when these crimes take place,” Ngomane said on Monday morning.

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“With regards to business robberies, we always encourage businesspeople not to keep their money in the business premises as it attracts criminals,” he said.

“Recently there has been a surge in cash-in-transit robbery,” Ngomane said.

“We believe that the security companies will work together with the police to prevent these robberies and arrest the perpetrators,”  he said.

He said his department welcomed the establishment of the Sexual Offences Court by the Department of Justice.

“We believe and hope that more perpetrators will be brought to book and eventually these offended will be eradicated,” he said.

Ngomane came to the briefing with Mpumalanga police boss Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma, the head of the Safety and Security provincial department William Mthombothi, Provincial Commissioner, Police Forum Board chairman Kevin Pillay, cops, SANDF members, and home affairs and SARS authorities.

He said in the 2016/17 financial year they had been able to recover stolen vehicles to the value of over R14 million while also bringing the perpetrators to book.

Illegal goods to the tune of R27.4 million were confiscated in the 2016/17 financial year and over four thousand undocumented foreign nationals arrested and deported.

He also said rhino poachers and drug dealers were nabbed.

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