EFF leader in court for 21-year-old Palesa Moshoeshoe’s murder

EFF leader in court for 21-year-old Palesa Moshoeshoe's murder
SLAIN: 21 year old Mbombela student Palesa Moshoeshoe was mercilessly gunned down in front of her home allegedly by Nhlazatje EFF leader Ayanda Kaba. PICTURE BY Facebook

The woman tells of her own final moments in a WhatsApp audio chat with a friend including how she met her killer.

The EFF in Mpumalanga has terminated the membership of its branch chairperson, Ayanda Kaba, accused of shooting dead 21-year-old Palesa Moshoeshoe.

Palesa is from Nhlazatje, east of Badplaas, and was a student at a Mbombela private higher learning institution, studying towards a diploma in human resources.

The EFF said they will always “distance” themselves from anyone that harms women and this is the reason they had to act on Kaba following the allegations.

Kaba handed himself over to the Elukwatini police shortly after the incident.

The police charged him with her murder and possession of an unlicensed firearm…


The 32-year-old will return to court on 10 November 2020 to make a formal bail application since being in custody from 25 October.

Palesa was gunned down outside the gate of her home in the early morning of Sunday 25 October 2020.

Gert Sibande EFF chairman Walter Zulu said they side with Palesa in the matter and are opposed to Kaba getting bail given the serious manner in which they treat the scourge of women abuse in South Africa.

“Any member in the EFF at any level once you abuse women or act in a manner that harms women, we will distance ourselves from you,” he said.

Palesa tells her own story in a voice-note that surfaced shortly after she was murdered, where she chats with a friend over WhatsApp.

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The audio chat to her friend was recorded on 12 October 2020 and is one of the pieces of evidence that the state has obtained in the murder case.

In the audio Palesa said that the previous day 11 October was a Sunday and she was bored, sitting in her rented room in Mbombela when she decided to post on her Facebook page that she was “not feeling right”.

She tells the friend in the audio that soon afterwards a Facebooker by the name of ‘Ayanda Kaba’ commented on the status and asked what was the problem.

“I answered that I’m just going through relationship problems, nothing much,” Palesa said in the audio.

“Then he said to me ‘can I come fetch you?’ and I said ‘Do you know where I am?’

“He asked me where I was and I told him I’m in Nelspruit and he said there was no problem he could drive all the way to me”.

Palesa said after that they arranged to meet – and she sent him her location via WhatsApp the accused drove all the way from Nhlazatje, which is about 140km away to fetch her.

She said they both came back to a local club in the Nhlazatje area where he bought her a bottle of Hennessy cognac.

After drinking the bottle they left to go sleep at his place and Palesa said she refused to give him sex.

“He tried to force himself and I refused,” Palesa told the friend in the October 12 chat.

“He began swearing at me and using words like ‘f**k’ at me and I said I don’t care. He told me that he was not a fool. He said he won’t spend his money for nothing and showed me his gun and I said I don’t care about dying because I don’t have children and I have nothing to lose,” she told the friend in the audio chat.

Palesa’s sister Patricia Mazero said she and the suspect met again on the Saturday of 24 October 2020 and went to drink together once more.

“We understand that he shot her while he was dropping her off on that night after coming from the club,” the sister said.

“We are disturbed and we are still trying to find peace with what happened,” she said, adding they are currently not talking about the matter.

Palesa was buried Saturday 31 October in Nhlazatje.

Scores of community members organised by the EFF and ANC supported the family of the victim while Kaba appeared in court the second time Monday afternoon 2 November 2020.

The police said Palesa was shot 3 times in her upper body and died immediately before Kaba handed himself over to them.

He applies for bail at the Elukwatini Magistrates Court on 10 November 2020.

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