Taxi-drivers protect girl from Nigerian drug-lords

She had been promised a job but found the place was a drug den.

A 20-year-old girl got saved from the trap of drug-lords and pimps.

Reports show that the young woman applied for a job from an advert she saw online.

But when she arrived in the area on Wednesday, she said she was fed drugs and refused.

The girl apparently slept over at the drug den but on Thursday morning all hell broke loose when she attempted to escape.

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Police say while she was at the Long Distance taxi rank in Down Town eMalahleni, two Nigerian men driving a white Nissan followed her and took her away from from the taxi rank.

But a suspecting taxi driver followed the Nissan until it stopped in Down Town’s Jellicoe street, where the two Nigerian men were assaulted and the girl saved.


Taxi-drivers protect girl from Nigerian drug-lords

The situation turned badly when more and more people joined in the scuffle, looting shops belonging to foreign nationals and assaulting more foreign nationals.

No arrest was made but one Nigerian man was admitted to the eMalahleni hospital.

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