Battle line drawn between Mpumalanga ANC, MK Council

Battle line drawn between Mpumalanga ANC, MK Council
BATTLESOME: The MK Council in Mpumalanga says it will not back down until it sees a change of leadership in the province. PICTURE BY TimesLIVE.

The council vows they will make the necessary noise to draw the attention of national leadership.

A war waged by the MK Council in the Mpumalanga province looks set to give the Mpumalanga ANC a very rough time, one that will ensure its leadership is completely changed.

The MK Council say they are not surrendering until fundamental changes have been achieved in the ANC of the province.

They accuse the ANC of “elevating” people who have no capacity to occupy positions of power and of being “corrupt to the core” while at the same time bribing journalists to not expose them”.

Basically the Mpumalanga ANC’s provincial executive committee and their regional committees are seen as groupings that care for their own interests and that have maintained a social distance while abandoning service delivery to their loyal voters.

“This corruption in Mpumalanga needs to be brought to the attention of the nation,” MK Council spokesman Jacques Madipane said when he spoke to the media.

He said this happening because a certain grouping in Mpumalanga has “cloned and compromised the ANC”.

“Our call is that for us to remove this corruption and fix these leaders we have to disband the PEC of the ANC in this province,” he told the SABC.

There has been a growing call for the Mpumalanga ANC PEC to be disbanded.

One faction aligned to chairman hopeful Peter Nyoni is currently taking the ANC to court in order to have the PEC disbanded and its 2015 resolutions done away with.

Weeks ago the outcomes of a planned provincial list conference was criticised as being “abnormal” and not reflecting the views of the branches by the ANCYL in the province and the MK Council.

They accused the “abusive dominant faction” of manipulating the outcomes against the will of branches in order to have the people they want there but acting ANC secretary Lindiwe Ntshalintshali said all the people who said certain people were removed from the list clearly didn’t understand ANC processes.

“If you received less than 10 branches, nobody removed you. It’s the process that removed you. You didn’t qualify,” said Ntshalintshali, adding they followed all processes as PEC.

“As the Mpumalanga ANC we have complied in terms of all the processes and we have taken the mandate that was given to the PEC and List Committee to the National List Conference and we are respecting our structures,” she said.

The MK Council said their newly launched Cadres Forum will go all the way “to cleanse the ANC and restore it back to the people”.

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