Mswati goes mad after being slated in PRET statement

Mswati goes mad after being slated in PRET statement
FUMING: Erstwhile ANC youth league leader Mduduzi Mswati Nkosi denies having engagements with PRET over the shifting of its support to newly formed SANCOTA. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/MLM.

The non-profit organisation said they do not engage people from the ANCYL and the statement they released had “clarified” everything.

Former Nkangala ANCYL leader Mduduzi “Mswati” Nkosi was left fuming this week after he was mentioned and lambasted in a media statement released by the Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET) group of Mpumalanga.

The statement came from the official email of PRET and said the non-profit organisation had heard that Mswati had said that he was speaking to leaders of PRET “with regards to shifting [our] support to SANCOTA”.

SANCOTA is the new political party registered early 2019 by its leader Chief Bhekumuzi “Mantjolo” Mnisi and eMalahleni businessman Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla to contest the upcoming May general elections. It will be officially launched at the Thulamahhashi stadium the coming weekend (2 March).

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The PRET statement reads: “Mduduzi Mswati Nkosi stated that he spoke to the leadership of PRET SA with regards to shifting their support to SANCOTA. [He] must concentrate on matters of the ANCYL. He does not have the mandate to speak on our behalf. We are moving with SANCOTA!” the statement said.

Seeing this, Mswati went beserk. He released his own statement soon afterwards, hitting back at what he calls “desparation” on the part of PRET leaders to “gain prominence” using his “good name” through a “non-entity” organisation. Read Mswati’s statement below.

Dear Sir and media houses.
Let me be allowed to state this without fear or favour.

Claims that I have spoken to the so-called leaders of Pret SA to shift their support (sic) to Sancota, are deceitful and irresponsible.

In their attempt to gain prominence and fame within the ANC-loving community, they drag my good name into their toxic mixture. They do all this because of their desperation in confusing some masses about their interest in contesting elections.

I am a disciplined member of the ANC and my loyalty to the movement is steadfast and unflinching.

The only thing I know is the ANC and I’ll go wherever and whenever to give clarity and inform the public about ANC achievements than their scheme of cone entrepreneurs which is an amoeba like as we all know PRET or Sancota plan is only to use underprivileged communities for a single demigod.

I speak to different people all the time and no PRET can stop me or threaten me not to enter any community as freedom of speech and association is enshrined in the Bill of rights.

I will continue to persuade masses to support not any other party except the ANC now and forever.

-Mduduzi Mswati Nkosi-

Former Nkangala ANCYL chairman.

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