Mpumalanga has the lowest GBV conviction rate

Mpumalanga has lowest GBV conviction rate
GBV: The Democratic Alliance raises concerns over the conviction rate of Gender Based-Violence cases in Mpumalanga. PICTURE BY:

Mpumalanga has a worryingly low conviction rate of those arrested for gender-based violence.

According to responses to legislature questions asked by the DA to community safety MEC Vusi Shongwe, only 8% of those arrested for crimes against women in the 2019/20 financial year were convicted and found guilty.

The DA’s Annerie Weber says this is concerning, given the continuity in the violence against women.

“The stats not only reiterates the breakdown between the number of cases being reported and the related convictions, but it also speaks to a concerning separation between the number of those who were arrested and subsequently found guilty,” she said.

Mpumalanga recorded 9 159 cases against women and only made 5 846 arrests and only 957 were found guilty.

Only 16 people were found guilty for crime against children, yet there were 2 603 cases reported.


In the 2020/2021 financial year, there were 8 326 cases against women, with 5 238 arrests, but only 734 of those were found guilty.

In the same period, 2 537 cases were reported against children with 1 933 arrests, but only 323 guilty verdicts.

“Given the nature of crimes against women and children in our province, this disjuncture between the number of cases which have been reported and the subsequent convictions can never be acceptable,” Weber said.

She said the province needed to improve the number of convictions, hence the DA will be engaging Shongwe on the matter.

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