Sgemegeme moved to Bethal for “safety” reasons

Sgemegeme moved to Bethal for
AT RISK: Mkhondo political bigwig Vusi 'Sgemegeme' Motha remains in police custody following his arrest at his Piet Retief home on Monday morning. PICTURE BY Twitter

The court heard that he is kept 170km away from Mkhondo for “safety” reasons.

Vusi ‘Sgemegeme’ Motha will return to the Piet Retief Magistrates Court on 2 February 2023 for a formal bail application from the Bethal prison facility.

He is kept in that facility for “safety” reasons, according to the state.

The prosecutor said they even had a situation where the van that was supposed to transport Sgemegeme to court was “blocked” Tuesday morning and it was the reason the court had to start late as they were waiting for the accused.

Sgemegeme and co-accused Wellington Sangweni made a second appearance at the Piet Retief Magistrates Court 24 January 2023.

Sgemegeme moved to Bethal for "safety" reasons
Sgemegeme is up for illegal possession of firearm in a case that is linked to the killing of Mkhondo councillor Sboniso “Smiley” Mthembu

The state and their defence team agreed that the date of 2 February 2023 is a suitable date for the court to hear the bail application.

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Sgemegeme is charged with possession of illegal firearms that the cops allegedly found in his possession when they raided his house last week early Monday morning 16 January.

23 guns in total were found on that morning and are now undergoing ballistic tests to determine if none of them was ever used in any of the political killings that the cops are busy investigating in Mkhondo.

The prosecutor told the court that another van was then sent to go fetch Sgemegeme after the initial one was “blocked”.

Sgemegeme’s lawyer asked the court to order that whenever he wants to see Sgemegeme the warders at Bethal correctional centre should allow him.

He said that after hearing that his client had been moved to Bethal prison from Piet Retief prison, which is 170km apart, he went straight to the facility to see him but when he got there the prison officials didn’t allow him to see Sgemegeme.

He asked the Judge to order that such doesn’t happen again.

He will now be permitted to see his client anytime he wants.

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