Report: Reggie Nkabinde wanted Thanduxolo Sabelo as SG

The league is preparing for a 26th national elective conference.

ANCYL presidential contender Reggie Nkabinde wanted KZN secretary Thanduxolo Sabelo to be the secretary general in his slate, he told a national daily newspaper.

Nkabinde, who wants to be Collen Maine’s successor when the league holds a national congress soon, told Sowetan that he tried on more than two occasions to convince Sabelo to come be the national secretary on his slate but seemingly Sabelo didn’t want to.

Sabelo is being endorsed by all the regions in his home province of KZN for the position of President.

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Sabelo wants ANCYL NEC member Ndumiso Mokako as the secretary general while the Nkabinde camp wants Mpumalanga secretary Pholoso Mbatsane as the SG.

“The first person I had a meeting with is Thanduxolo and we have met more than twice,” the politician-businessman told journalist Neo Goba at the Palazzo Hotel in Fourways, Johannesburg Monday afternoon (15 Oct) this week.

He said Sabelo “has vehemently rejected a slate that was proposed by people in the youth league who have tried to mediate [between] us”.

“We had a discussion that proposed that I must be President and Thanduxolo be SG which is something he said he would think about”.

“He would agree in the meeting but then I later started seeing his campaign,” Nkabinde said.

Unlike KZN, the Mpumalanga province is divided on Mbatsane and Mokako who both come from the province.

Mokako is being favoured by his home region of Gert Sibande and Mbatsane by eHlanzeni – with Bohlabela and Nkangala divided on the two.

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Nkabinde, the flamboyant owner of Mabala Noise record label, added that in those meetings Sabelo proposed that ANCYL national spokesman Mlondi Mkhize should become the league’s national chairman  – a position which does not currently exist in the league.

“He said to me, ‘we are introducing a discussion of a sixth position for the youth league’,” said Nkabinde.

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Moela slams leaders who divide ANC, misuse youths

He shared the stage with other leaders from the ANC and its alliance partners during a memorial service of the late Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

ANCYL deputy president Desmond Moela has hit out at leaders who go all over the place dividing the ANC as well as those misusing the youth for their own “selfish interests”.

He said in the spirit of Mama Winnie as the league they want leaders who will take care of the people, especially young people and not use them for door-to-door campaigns only.

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Moela said leaders like Mama Winnie were exemplary of good leadership because they “called a spade a spade”.

“Mama Winnie was one of those leaders who would not say a spade was something else,” Moela said.

“We want such leaders, not leaders who gossip about other leaders,” he said.

He was speaking at the Sydney Choma banquet hall in Middelburg during a memorial service held in honour of the late Madikizela-Mandela.

Madikizela-Mandela died on 2 April 2018 at the age of 81.

She was at the Milpark Hospital in Johannesburg.

Moela said they do not want leaders who will use the ANC “to pursue their own agendas in order to enrich themselves, their girlfriends, boyfriends and families”.

Moela slams leaders who divide ANC, misuse youths

PIC: TimesLive.

“Mama Winnie made sure she lived in Orlando. We don’t want leaders once they are elected they move to live in the suburbs and forget about the people.

Moela shared the stage with SANCO provincial chairman JJ Skhosana, ANCWL provincial chairwoman Busi Shiba, Cosatu national deputy secretary Solly Phetoe, SACP provincial secretary Bonakele Majuba and veterans league provincial treasurer Norah Fakude.

ANC national treasurer Paul Mashatile addressed the memorial service as a keynote speaker.

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‘Guptas are our enemies’ as youth

Though there are other threats to the ANC’s revolution for a better life for all but the Guptas remain an immediate one.

The Gupta family currently remains the number one enemy of the young people of South Africa, the YCL has said.

Young communist league leader Mluleki Dlelanga told communist supporters and members at the league’s Youth Day rally in eMalahleni on Sunday afternoon (18 Jun) that young people need to roll up their sleeves and fight those who are selling out the struggle for a better life.

“Yes, monopoly capital is our enemy but the Guptas are the immediate threat to the revolution,” he said.

“They are the enemy of the youth of this country, they are the enemy of the good and development of young people,” Dlelanga said.

He said the current non-racial democracy was fought hard for and many people died in the process but all has been sold to the Gupta family.

“Comrades,” Dlelanga screamed. “We must fight those who betray our revolution,” he said.

He said young people who are not connected do not have a place “to the good and development” of their country because of the Gupta’s capturing of key ANC leaders.

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ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa and SACP leader Blade Nzimande were expected to deliver the ANC and SACP’s messages of support at the YCL rally but both didn’t come, sending apologies instead.

The ANC’s message of support was then delivered by ANC NEC member Aaron Motsoaledi together with SACP central committee member Madala Masuku who delivered SACP’s message of support on Nzimande’s behalf.

Dlelanga told those who attended the rally that as the YCL they regret being in alliance with the current ANCYL leaders who he said are “preoccupied with slate politics” and do nothing for young people.

Without mentioning them by name, Dlelanga said: “You heard young people speaking about slates and who must be on the slates, they are not talking about the problems facing young people and what must be done.  We regret as the YCL to be in alliance with some youth leaders who when they speak their mouths are full of curry of the Guptas and can’t speak issues affecting young people. We regret being with those”.

SANCO’s Phakamile Thwala delivered the civic movement’s message of support and called on the YCL to assist SANCO in its campaign for deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa to succeed President Jacob Zuma.

“We have taken the resolution in our provincial congress that we will convince the communities that comrade Cyril Ramaphosa be the one who leads the ANC. As an alliance partner we have an interest in who leads the ANC,” he said.

'Guptas are our enemies’ as youth

Phakamile Thwala. MfisoDIGITAL/ZK.

“Therefore as SANCO we are asking the YCL to support us as we campaign for a proper leadership in the ANC because we see that the ANC is at a risk of being stolen,” Thwala said at the rally.

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What Ndumiso Mokako said at the ANCYL’s radical economic transformation assembly in 12 quotes

The Gert Sibande ANCYL had its Radical Economic Transformation Assembly at the Manzana cultural centre in Badplaas on Sunday (9 Apr)

Speakers at the rally were the chairman of the ANC in the Gert Sibande region, Muzi Chirwa, ANCYL Gert Sibande leader Trevor Nkosi, ANCYL deputy president Desmond Moela and ANCYL NEC member Ndumiso Mokako.

Nkosi was there to answer the question of ‘Youth Empowerment’, Chirwa ‘Organisational Renewal’, Moela ‘Role of the ANCYL’ and Mokako was there to answer the question of ‘What is Radical Economic Transformation?’.

013NEWS brings you what Mokako said in 12 quotes.

1.) ‘The idea of the economic transformation is an idea of the ANCYL which we won in 2011’.

2.) ‘When we speak of radical economic transformation we speak of a program that will help change the colour of poverty, unemployment, underdevelopment from being black and the colour of wealth and privilege from being white’.

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3.) ‘So comrades this radical economic program can only be achieved if we change the way in which property is managed and owned in South Africa. It can only come when we change the means of production and how they are owned’.

4.) ‘Radical economic transformation doesn’t mean getting a mall. It is about getting factories to produce and create jobs’.

5.) ‘We will march to PIC and demand that PIC must not take the pension money of our parents and build malls. They must take that money and build factories and create jobs’.

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6.) ‘For us radical economic transformation is about development and any form of development must come to the township’.

7.) ‘We can’t still have black people with the small salaries they get, they must still pay transport and white people with a lot of salaries they walk or drive a kilometre to work’.

8.) ‘By radical economic transformation we mean that you procure locally produced goods’.

9.) ‘It still puzzles me why chairperson [Muzi Chirwa] you still use Vodacom as your service provider yet you know that Vodaphone is owned in Britain, yet we’re saying that we’re waging a war with monopoly capital and they are sponsored by imperialists and we know that the imperialist’ hub is in Britain and the US. Comrades, Telkom is South African mobile, we must use Telkom’.

10.) ‘We want our land back. There’s a lot of land in South Africa that is owned by foreigners who only see the land they own on Google maps. That land must come back South Africans’.

11.) ‘Radical economic transformation is about insourcing services of the state. Building state capacity. The most scandalous issue that has ever hit the ANC is the issue of CPS and that scandal was caused by the involvement of private capital in services which are supposed to be delivered by the state’.

12.) ‘We must make sure that our own comrades are able to deliver services without outsourcing’.

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Moela hints Mabuza will be ANC president

“If branches want him why not?”

ANCYL deputy president Desmond Moela has hinted that as the ANCYL they will support Premier David Mabuza for the ANC position of president.

Moela was addressing the league’s Radical Economic Transformation Assembly in Badplaas on Sunday afternoon and said they wanted to engage with the ANCWL on their preferred candidate.

The ANCWL wants ex-AU chairwoman Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma to emerge as the party’s first female president in December 2017 but Moela told the crowds at Badplaas’ Manzana cultural centre that they wanted to engage the ANCWL on that.

Without mentioning Dlamini-Zuma by name, Moela said: “You know what these other micky mouse parties do, they fill in young people in Parliament. Young people who are able to engage and you still want to put old people, people who can’t even do door-to-door, no comrades it can’t be. ANCWL come let’s engage. It can’t be correct. Let’s engage, because we believe there’s a room for engagement and if you feel strongly that you’re ready to take over South Africa and lead this country please come let’s engage and give us the best candidate that can lead this organisation, not someone that you see is old and even when that person walks you can see the time is over”.

Dlamini- Zuma turned 68 on 27 January 2017 while Mabuza will turn 57 on 25 August 2017.

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“As the ANCYL we have not yet pronounced ourselves and we will do that through proper channels and structures of our organisation and we’ll make sure that we put young people to lead the ANC and when we say we want young people we might not be referring to this generation but to people like comrade DD Mabuza because we believe they are still young and they can take the organisation forward,” Moela said to thunderous applause.

“I’ve never seen the best chairperson other than the chairperson of Mpumalanga,” he said, provoking further thunderous applause from the scores of youth league member.

Moela hints Mabuza will be president

David Mabuza. MfisoDIGITAL/MLM.

Moela said the reason he said Mabuza was capable of taking the ANC forward was not because “I’m also from Mpumalanga”.

“No, is because I know the good work he has done in Mpumalanga, why not comrade DD becoming president?” Moela asked.

This can be interpreted to mean that the Premier League leader might emerge as President Jacob Zuma’s successor.

Moela also lauded Gert Sibande chairman Muzi Chirwa for “taking care of young people” and said he was unlike other leaders in other regions “who don’t care about young people” and said when the time comes they will remove them.

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He however didn’t say who those leaders were.

Moela said if the SACP wanted to divorce the ANC, “let them do it and leave us with our movement”.

He further welcomed the resignations of the three ANC MPs who resigned a week – Dipuo Peters, Mcebisi Jonas and Tina Joemat-Petterson – and said if there were still more others “we are waiting for them because as young people we need those seats”.

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